Charity Website

Charity Website

A website is the face of any brand. It’s likely to be the first touchpoint a visitor has with an organisation, so it needs to look good, it needs to engage, and it needs to be easy to navigate!

Your website is the place for you tell your story, share your mission and goals, and educate your users. But it is also the place where you can collect online donations, promote upcoming fundraisers and events, and news.

We know that a website is the face of your cause. If you’re a charity or non-for profit organisation, we can assist your cause with discounted rates, so that you can spend your budget on what matters most!

This website holds 23 pages, the larger the information the quicker visitors are able to find your organisation. This site is ideally great for visitors to engage in the site. Here you can upload a gallery to show case your events and fundraisers. There are alot of causes occuring n this world and we know how importnat it is to assist as many causes as we can. Multiple donations and a shop page is predominent in this case. 


Charity Website -  Click Here to see a Working Demo