Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software
Manufacturer: Sashware
$250.00 per 1 year(s)

This systematic approach to sourcing, storing anf selling your inventory. Within Sashware, you will be able to maintian the stock levels, when its sold, amount sold and the amount to sell it at.

There are two modules within the inventory, Products and Categories. You can group products by suppliers and categories. Choose the permissions for each product:

  • GST
  • Show on home page
  • Downloadable product
  • Disable wishlist
  • New product
  • Show on POS
  • Active
  • Allow customer review
  • Recurring product
  • Available product
  • Available for pre-order
  • Best seller
  • Discontinued
  • Maark aas new
  • Is rental
  • Call for price
  • Featured Product
  • Published
  • Is gift card
  • Disable buy button
  • Customer enters price
  • On Sale



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